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The Old Fan's Commentary On ...
Blaze Glory (and Star Wars)?

It is a period of OLD FAN'S COMMENTARIES on Tales From SYL Ranch.

Commodore Lord William Robert Stone III of the Principality Of Sealand, custodian of a 40-YEAR-OLD SECRET, has stolen the Doctor's TARDIS and is MOVIE-HOPPING all over EARTH'S PAST.

Due to the ASTOUNDING nature of Lord Stone's SECRET, there will be no "Paying For the Soup," nor an episode of Dimension X.

Instead, Lord Stone will COMMENT on what it was like for a 12-year-old SCIENCE FICTION FAN to see STAR WARS in 1977, in glorious CINEMASCOPE.

To do the experience justice, Lord Stone will comment on STAR WARS: THE DESPECIALIZED EDITON. The Depsecialized Edition is a shot-for-shot RESTORATION of the film as released in 1977 on OPENING DAY.

To WATCH The Despecialized Editon, one must first OWN a copy of STAR WARS. What SELF-RESPECTNG FAN doesn't own at least one copy of STAR WARS?

Realizing that it's finally time for Humanity to know the 40-YEAR-OLD SECRET, Lord Stone is about has materialized in July 19, 2017, bringing SHOCKING NEWS to all of SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM ....

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The URL to the YouTube version of Blaze Glory is:

If you're looking for Star Wars: The Despecialized Edition, you're on your own.  Google is your friend!

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