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Star Trek and Dimension X Album Art

With all the movies and serials and cartoons I've been commenting on, we've fallen behind on audio adventures.  We've got a bunch of doozies today.

We'll largely listen to Star Trek -- though probably not the Star Trek you were expecting.

Lt. M'Ress - Animated and Cosplay


If you'd like to read along with the (terrible) comics mentioned on the podcast, the complete collection is at:

Mixed-in with Star Trek are two episodes of Dimension X. I'd promised to try and do one every week, and I'm very, very behind.

Let's head into the TARDIS and use the Space-Time Telegraph to listen to Star Trek and Dimension X.


This week's line-up:

  1. Star Trek:  "Passage To Moauv"
  2. Star Trek:  "In Vino Veritas"
  3. Dimension X:  "Report On the Barnhouse Effect"
  4. Star Trek:  "The Logistics of Stampede"
  5. Star Trek:  "A Mirror For Futility"
  6. Dimension X:  "No Contact"

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(Ten points if you know what they all are.  Unfortunately, everything's made up and the points don't matter.  Yes, the points are like clothes to a green Orion slave girl:  they don't matter.)

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Welcome to the premiere episode of Tales From SYL Ranch, the podcast that gives meaning to your boring, miserable existence!

On the Independance Day launch, we'll go back in time to 1975 for an Old Fan's Commentary On Space: 1999.  Then we go back farther for the first episode of Dimension X:  "The Outer Limit."  Finally, you "pay for the soup" with a libertarian rant.

The final ten minutes are a closely-guarded secret.

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The URL to the YouTube version of Space: 1999 is:

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