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The Old Fan's Commentary On

Plan 9 From Outer Space

Plan 9 From Outer Space Newspaper Ad

This week, a descent into madness.  After spending a few weeks with fun and adventure in the black-and-white era, we're jumping ahead to 1959 for a color film -- sort of.

Yes, we're going there.

Just like The Old Fan's Commentary On The Star Wars Holiday Special, we're descending into the bizarre world of Plan 9 From Outer Space.


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The Dark Knight Really Begins!

Today on Tales From SYL Ranch, we slip back in time once again to the early 1940s.

Our first film is the first adaptation of any comics superhero to film:  The Adventures of Captain Marvel.

We'll then go on to the first adaptation of Batman to the screen with Batman.

The two serials are classic examples of what serials looked like before and after the Unites States' entry into World War II.  The difference is stark, particularly with respect to Batman.

Hop into the TARDIS and follow along for two hours of fun and adventure with The Adventues of Captain Marvel and Batman on Tales From SYL Ranch!


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Today, we go back in time to 1956 for The Old Fan's Commentary On Forbidden Planet.

Forbidden Planet is arguably the best science fiction movie of the 1950s.  It's one of the best science fiction movies of all time.

There's no free version of this on the Internet, but it hardly matters.  No self-respecting science fiction fan doesn't own a copy of Forbidden Planet.

If you think you're any kind of self-respecting fan and don't own it, go to Amazon and get one immediately.  Your brain will love you for the rest of your life.



The copyright trolls of Phonofile​ have fraudulently decided that they own the rights to the opening of the public-domain 1950s radio series X Minus One​.

My podcast opened with the opening of X Minus One.

Since these rat-frak-tard Phonofile dren-bags think they own it, their bots auto-filed fraudulent copyright claims on every single one of my podcasts (it simul-posts to YouTube).

Not only that, they've done it to a huge number of OTR and SF fans who posted for fun.

Phonofile is now fraudulently monetizing an unimaginably-vast number of videos. It's public domain, if you search, you'll find page after page after page. There are fans who've uploaded the entire series! That's 126 episodes right there!

And these jagon-sucking little Phonofile bloodworms are monetizong them all.

There seems to be no way to get these trolls to stop, so I'm "re-imagining" the X-Minus One opening for my own show.

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This episode, we go back farther than we ever have before, for The Old Fan's Commentary On Tarzan and His Mate.

Tarzan and His Mate is the last pre-Code Tarzan movie.  I'll explain about pre- and post-code, and as usual try and put you in the seats of the theater at its premiere.

Being pre-Code, Tarzan and His Mate is an amazing example of what filmnakers could and would do if left to their own devices.

Sometimes the results are positive.  Jane is an incredibly strong character in the film, stronger than you've seen her in any other incarnation.

Sometimes the results are very negative.  The film treats black people as little more than cattle.  The racism is rampant.  Black people watching this film have every reason to be outraged.  I ask you to watch thinking of it as a piece of history -- a window into a time when this was actually acceptable.

There are no links to an unedited copy of Tarzan and His Mate.  Many TV versions exist that were highly-edited due to nudity, near-nudity, and implied sex.

This is a pre-Code film, with all its pinnacles and pitfalls.

So find a a stream and sit back while the TARDIS takes us to 1934 for Tarzan and His Mate.


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The Old Fan's Commentary On The Star Wars Holiday Special


Having stolen the Doctor's TARDIS, Commodore Lord William Robert Stone III of the Principality Of Sealand successfully navigated to 1977.  He revealed the ASTONISHING 40-year-old secret of STAR WARS.

Buoyed by the experience, Lord Stone is going forward in time to the next great STAR WARS adventure,  THE STAR WARS HOLIDAY SPECIAL.


It's also BAD.  It's not so bad it's good, it's just BAD.  It's so BAD that this introduction is OSCAR MATERIAL by comparison.

Undaunted and quite possibly STUPID, Lord Stone inexorably makes his way to November 17, 1978 ....

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The URL to the fan edit mentioned in the Commentary is:

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The Old Fan's Commentary On ...
Blaze Glory (and Star Wars)?

It is a period of OLD FAN'S COMMENTARIES on Tales From SYL Ranch.

Commodore Lord William Robert Stone III of the Principality Of Sealand, custodian of a 40-YEAR-OLD SECRET, has stolen the Doctor's TARDIS and is MOVIE-HOPPING all over EARTH'S PAST.

Due to the ASTOUNDING nature of Lord Stone's SECRET, there will be no "Paying For the Soup," nor an episode of Dimension X.

Instead, Lord Stone will COMMENT on what it was like for a 12-year-old SCIENCE FICTION FAN to see STAR WARS in 1977, in glorious CINEMASCOPE.

To do the experience justice, Lord Stone will comment on STAR WARS: THE DESPECIALIZED EDITON. The Depsecialized Edition is a shot-for-shot RESTORATION of the film as released in 1977 on OPENING DAY.

To WATCH The Despecialized Editon, one must first OWN a copy of STAR WARS. What SELF-RESPECTNG FAN doesn't own at least one copy of STAR WARS?

Realizing that it's finally time for Humanity to know the 40-YEAR-OLD SECRET, Lord Stone is about has materialized in July 19, 2017, bringing SHOCKING NEWS to all of SCIENCE FICTION FANDOM ....

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Welcome to the premiere episode of Tales From SYL Ranch, the podcast that gives meaning to your boring, miserable existence!

On the Independance Day launch, we'll go back in time to 1975 for an Old Fan's Commentary On Space: 1999.  Then we go back farther for the first episode of Dimension X:  "The Outer Limit."  Finally, you "pay for the soup" with a libertarian rant.

The final ten minutes are a closely-guarded secret.

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