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This episode, we go back farther than we ever have before, for The Old Fan's Commentary On Tarzan and His Mate.

Tarzan and His Mate is the last pre-Code Tarzan movie.  I'll explain about pre- and post-code, and as usual try and put you in the seats of the theater at its premiere.

Being pre-Code, Tarzan and His Mate is an amazing example of what filmnakers could and would do if left to their own devices.

Sometimes the results are positive.  Jane is an incredibly strong character in the film, stronger than you've seen her in any other incarnation.

Sometimes the results are very negative.  The film treats black people as little more than cattle.  The racism is rampant.  Black people watching this film have every reason to be outraged.  I ask you to watch thinking of it as a piece of history -- a window into a time when this was actually acceptable.

There are no links to an unedited copy of Tarzan and His Mate.  Many TV versions exist that were highly-edited due to nudity, near-nudity, and implied sex.

This is a pre-Code film, with all its pinnacles and pitfalls.

So find a a stream and sit back while the TARDIS takes us to 1934 for Tarzan and His Mate.


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It's Old-Time Radio day on Tales From SYL Ranch, the podcast that gives meaning to your boring, miserable existence.

This week, we travel back in time to the early 1950s.  The lineup for the week is:

  • The Old Fan's Introduction
  • Dragnet:  "The Big Man, Part 1"
  • X-Minus One:  "Time and Time Again"
  • Dragnet:  "The Big Man, Part 2"
  • X-MinusOne:  "The Seventh Order"
  • Secret musical piece

While these are only half science fiction, the two episodes of Dragnet are included as an example of what the best of the best shows could achieve.

Pop your smartphone into a good stereo and gather around the speakers.  Courtesy of the hijacked TARDIS (and wire recordings), we're going back in time for an evening of radio in the early 1950s.







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